Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Newsagent Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Newsagent Business in the United KingdomSurprisingly, the newsagent business is still a trend now, even if we are in the digital era. The traditional way of getting news from a shop is still relevant, most especially in the United Kingdom. Starting a newsagent business has a simple process yet, it is still in demand nowadays. A newsagent business is typically defined as a shop which is selling news, magazines, confectionary necessities, and alike.

Starting a newsagent business proves that even in a digital era, traditional ways of getting news most likely affect people’s behavior. In the line of newsagent business, it is typical to see it as an imitation of a convenience store with a book shop. So, it is hard to think of spice in making your business unique. Starting a newsagent business also takes effort in thinking business ideas yet, it is a worthwhile and profitable type of business.

The United Kingdom is also known as one of the business-centered capitals in the world. Putting up a new business there might be a big risk, but it is worth it to try. Starting a newsagent business in this country might face lots of competitors, but it will differ on how the ideas are made.


What Is Newsagent Business

In a digital era, gathering news is one click away. However, there are still people that want to read articles in a newspaper or magazine. It is still a different feeling when you see the news in a tangible presence. Newsagent business was well-known in a past generation but still in trend nowadays.

The newsagent business is mainly known for selling newspapers and magazines. However, as time goes by and innovation starts, business ideas also evolve. Modern newsagents are sometimes compared to a convenience store with a book shop. This line of business begins to offer side products such as confectionery products like candy and chewing gum. Some of the line businesses also offer tobacco, cigarettes, and alcohol. It also renders seasonal products like fireworks and greetings cards.

Starting a newsagent business needs innovative ideas and market strategies to make it successful. Some things need to finish up first before it operates. These things include business requirements and business registration which is important in making this business possible.


Business Registration Process in Starting a Newsagent Business

In any line of business, it is necessary to register the business venture before it is established. Business registration sometimes can be complex especially, in a business-known country like the United Kingdom. As facing a possible problem in the registration process in the United Kingdom, it may be best to hire a company that will help you do your business registration. With that, 3E Accounting United Kingdom may help and guide you in making the correct process for UK company registration.

Registering a business also takes a lot of time and effort, but it is possible to finish with help from a specialist like 3E Accounting. It may help you by citing necessary things to make the registration process much easier and better.

Make Sure That All Needed Documents Are Fixed and Ready

To avoid the hassle and problems in registering your business, it is necessary to prepare the documents ahead of time. Aside from the permits and licenses which need to be applied, a business plan is also vital. A business plan serves as a manual to the existence of the company. It provides different information made by research and dreams that is essential in making the business possible.

Deciding on Different Essential Things

After the preparation, it is time for you to decide on different things. These things include the name of the company, the shareholders or board of directors, and alike. This step fulfills the legal image or juridical personality of the business.

File Important Documents

After the decision is settled, it is now necessary to file the documents to different government agencies to process your license and permits. You may also now file Form IN01 in Companies House and process your tax registration.

After completing the three steps, you may now process your registration. After considering those steps, the registration process may only take less than one day. Then, you are now ready to be a United Kingdom company incorporation.


Requirements in Starting a Newsagent Business

Starting a newsagent business may seem easy to establish a business; however, it must be well planned. Starting a business also needs to consider things that are necessary for the existence of the venture. There are explicit requirements that are required to be ready before starting its operation. Some of those are general requirements like the legal and physical existence of the business. There are things listed below that are to be prepared before putting up this business.

Let us talk about first the legal requirements needed to put up a business. These things are necessary to apply and be legalized first before opening a new business venture. Some specific licenses and permits are required to make the business venture a legal one.

Business Permits

As typical as it may seem, the business permit is the most necessary permit needed in a business. These permits enable the business venture to be a legit business venture. Getting the business venture registered to government bodies enables a business venture to be protected for its interest and also the interest received by the country. It also may be a tactic to ensure its trustworthiness for the safety of the consumers.

Permits for the Things You Offer

Newsagent businesses are not only focused on selling newspapers and magazines. It may also offer different products found in a convenience store and alike. Selling confectionery products, some tobacco or cigarettes, and some alcohol requires permits. It may also offer seasonal products such as fireworks or greeting cards. Any product such as food is needed to have a license for security purposes. It is also necessary to apply to get the correct taxes on it.

Insurance Application

It may seem not to be classified as necessary legal documents; however, insurance is crucial to any business. It is mainly applied to secure the business venture for any damage or problems that may arise during the existence of the business venture. Insurance also covers liabilities claims to the business venture.

Business Plan

Before putting up a business, it is necessary to be well-planned. Making a business plan helps the owner visualize the business venture itself. It gives a perfect picture of what the business owner wants to make for his business. A business plan serves as a guide or manual on how the business venture will exist and how it will operate. This plan also strategies its market and makes a contingent plan for its business. It is a plan that is made possible by combining research, dreams, and visions for the company.

After fixing the legal documents, the physical existence of the business is also needed to be fixed. As to physical existence, some things are required to exist so that the business may operate. The business is not merely a plan written on a sheet of paper; it is necessary to exist in real life. Listed below are some of the things that are necessary to make the business possible.

Location of the Business Building

Starting a newsagent business requires a place to operate. To make a business prosper, choosing the best location is the key. As to a newsagent business which has side products to sell, it is necessary to consider the distance between the shops that offer the same products. It is also essential that the business location is accessible to everyone.


Of course, before a business operates, there must be a business that will supply their needs unless it is a manufacturer business. Inputting up a newsagent business, it is necessary to have suppliers partners that will sustain your main and side products.


A business will not operate without an investment. Money makes the business world move, and putting up a business is costly.

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Starting a new business venture in a competitive business type requires preparation. It will take time, energy, and effort to make the business possible. However, it will be fulfilling if the business venture starts to operate. Newsagent business may seem like a traditional and typical business, but it is still on-trend nowadays. Knowing this line of business will help the owner to make it grow.

Starting a Newsagent Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a newsagent business seems simple and easy to operate, but it is worth it to try. The United Kingdom is a substantial place to make a business venture possible. Many opportunities will come to the different corporate service providers in the United Kingdom. Businesses such as newsagent businesses also preserve a traditional impact on the people. Newsagent business is on-trend, so it is worth it to give it a try.