Beginner’s Guide on Starting an Online Dating Business in the United Kingdom

Starting an Online Dating Business in the United KingdomThose looking for profitable ways to invest their money can try starting an online dating business in the United Kingdom. This is the right time to start the dating business. Studies reveal that almost half of the United Kingdom’s population is single. They are looking for the right person to enter their life through interactions on websites. As a social activity, online dating has been growing consistently in recent years.

If you want to succeed in the dating market and become increasingly competitive, the service you provide will have to be unique. But, if you are confident of your abilities, you will be able to carve a niche for yourself in the market and earn excellent returns on investment. As you read on, you will learn more about starting an online dating business. If you don’t want to go through the hassle, you can always find a company service provider in the United Kingdom to help you.


Industry Practices in Starting Online Dating Businesses in the United Kingdom

In recent years, the online dating business has grown tremendously. Many new dating apps entering the fray, following in the footsteps of market leaders like Tinder. The dating industry is worth nearly around £200 million and still growing. There are a lot of people searching for love or friendship online. The dating business has become one of the most viable business ideas today. One key benefit is that you do not need heavy investment to start your venture. All you need to kickstart your business is a computer and a reliable internet connection.

In earlier times, dating agencies used to spend a lot of time searching for prospective matches for their clients by interviewing people and arranging networking events. But today, dating apps allow their users to do the searching themselves from the available database and find suitable matches apt for their personalities. Many niche sites have also sprung up, such as those that cater to singles who are crazy about health and fitness, and there are others that match people as per their music tastes.

You will need to take time to assess your strengths and then decide on the niche most suitable for you. Most dating sites get their revenues from two sources, one being member subscriptions and the other advertising. What you will earn is relative to how many subscribers enlist for your dating service.


How Do These Online Dating Sites Work?

The primary feature of all these sites is the search facility. Users have to enter their personal details like name, age, income, physical features, and location. Based on these data, the site displays a list of potential matches, out of which you can select people that meet your interests. Most of these sites do not charge anything for these initial searches. After a user identifies his/her love interest, they can get in touch with their potential matches by either sending an email or using an instant messaging facility. However, the users have to pay for getting this service.


Steps to Set Up Your Online Dating Business

These are the steps you need to take for starting your online dating business:

Know Your Market

Prepare yourself well before launching your dating site. Study the dating market to understand the competitors in your niche. A survey to determine whether people would be interested in your dating site is a good idea.

Fix Your Budget

You will need to set aside amounts for developing your dating site. You also need to consider hosting costs, which will include setup costs and monthly rental fees. Spending on registering your domain name is also advisable.

Set Up Your Online Dating Website

The basic requirement for your business is a computer. Next, you will need to develop your dating website for which you can hire the services of a professional web builder. Additionally, you will be required to hire the services of a web hosting firm when your site goes live.

Employ an Effective Marketing Strategy

The next step is to promote your dating site, for which you can place ads on websites that connect with your target audience. You can count on word-of-mouth publicity and request friends or relatives to spread the word about your service. You must also leverage social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to attract your audience’s attention. It would also be advisable to offer a free trial to users for a limited period to increase awareness. You can even offer rewards to members who sign up for a long subscription period.

Business Registration

Currently, there are no laws regulating dating services in the United Kingdom. However, people feel that the introduction of regulations can bring about more professionalism in the industry. It will also usher in more safety for the users since they submit a lot of personal information. On dating sites, there is a big risk of identity theft. However, a visit to 3E Accounting’s office will clear all doubts you have about starting an online dating business since they are proven experts in company registration in United Kingdom. Verify with their team about the rules for registering your dating enterprise.

You can be a member of bodies like the Association of British Introduction Agencies and Matchmaking Institute, but it is not mandatory. Joining the association would help you get their support whenever you need it, besides winning the trust of your site’s members. However, you and your users will have to adhere to the strict guidelines laid down by the association.


Licenses and Permits for Starting an Online Business

When starting an online dating business, you do not require a license except for the one you need to run your site. You do not have to worry about people conducting checks on how you are running your site. However, you can follow the example of leaders in the dating business and conduct background checks on your members to win the confidence of your users. To get more information on licenses and permissions, consult specialists in United Kingdom company incorporation services.

Starting an Online Dating Business in the United Kingdom



By consistently providing high-quality service to members, you can ensure success for your online dating business and attain all your set goals. With 3E Accounting on your side, you will navigate the complicated business setup procedure smoothly. You can rely on our team for doing all the difficult work on your behalf and guiding you in the proper direction. You are welcome to contact 3E Accounting anytime you need our guidance on starting an online dating business.