Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Chiropody Practice Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Chiropody Practice Business in the United Kingdom Chiropody practice business indulges modern as well as ancient elements. It is mainly a healthcare professional practice that emphasizes the care, treatment, and cure of the feet disorders. Starting a chiropody practice business requires a chiropodist, a medicinal practitioner, and skilled to perform an assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and cure of feet, ankles, and lower legs.

Chiropody practice provides major benefits to people who have diabetes, arthritis, verrucas, sports injury, and those who have undergone nail surgery. This business is more popular among geriatric populations and elders with complications like joint pain, low blood sugar, etc. Certain criteria are to be fulfilled for starting a chiropody practice business in the United Kingdom. We’ll be looking into these criteria and the registration process in the text below.


Registration of Chiropody Practice Business

Any medical practitioner as a chiropodist requires to be registered in the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council). The HCPC is the body in the United Kingdom that regulates healthcare professionals and aims to protect the citizens. A chiropodist must be registered with HCPC before getting into practice. Failure to do so is considered illegal in the United Kingdom, and you’ll be prosecuted for such illegal actions.

The registration of chiropodist includes;

Submission of Valid Documents and Particulars

The major criteria to practice as a chiropodist legally in the United Kingdom is to be certified. You may have enrolled in a specific approved course to get a recognized qualification as a chiropodist. Therefore, you need to submit documents that confirm your identity, standards of professional behavior, skills, and training regarding chiropody. UK company registration guides you to comply with all the standards of proficiency and helps to establish a successful business.

Examining the Documents

After your submission of documents, the members of HCPC deems your document and if they realize they’re genuine, you’re asked to pay a certain amount as the charge of registration. However, if you fail to meet any of the certain requirements to meet the standard, HCPC can take action against you and even have the power to seize your practice as a chiropodist.

Submission of Registration Fee

This is the last step of registration. After the submission of your documents and confirming to meet their requirements, you’re supposed to deposit the registration fee. And, now you are registered in the register and can practice as a chiropodist in the United Kingdom.

Validity and Renew the Registration

The validity continues to last for two years after which you need to renew your certificate. The failure of renewing your certificate may charge you through HCPC actions.


Importance of Registration

Registering with HCPC confirms that you meet the standard to carry out the profession legally in the United Kingdom. It certifies your skills, training, and professional behavior to practice as a chiropodist. Moreover, registration helps you to be distinguished from other non-certified professionals and it develops the trust of patients towards your services.


Different Range of Services You Can Provide as a Chiropodist

Chiropodists offer a wide range of services for the well-being and comfort of the patients. They provide treatments for bunions, fungal infection in the nails or foot, corns, calluses, ingrowing toenails, etc. These include specialized treatments as well as guiding patients on matters relating to the health of feet. Some of the specialized treatments are;

  • Podopediatrics
  • Biomechanics
  • Surgery
  • Orthotics

Apart from these special treatments, chiropodists also tend to emphasize the cause to diagnose the foot problems by using pressure plates, treadmills, etc., and advise patients to lose weight so that the feet hold less pressure against the body weight. Likewise, advice regarding switching to different special shoes or slippers also relieves pain.

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Licenses and Permits Needed for Starting a Chiropody Practice Business in the United Kingdom

The licenses and permits required by the chiropodist to practice legally in the United States are,

Training and Course Certificates

These certificates help you to identify your profile as a chiropodist. Also, it assures your training and course as valid and legal.

Registration With HCPC

It’s the key requirement to start as a chiropodist and hence to initiate a chiropody business in the United Kingdom.

History of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Activities

It keeps you updated with the chiropodist activities and identifies your compliance with the standard of conduct and standard of proficiency.

Compliance With Health, Safety, and Fire Safety Legislation

Chiropody practice may sometimes involve the use of hazardous chemicals and pharmaceutical items. And for this reason, a chiropodist should comply with health and safety legislation by meeting the requirements of COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations to ensure the safety of the public.

Meeting the Requirements With Employment Legislation

In the chiropody business, you need to comply with employment legislation, if you’re to hire employees. The major sectors to comply with involve hiring the employee, contracts, working schedules, financial policies, payments, leaves, maternity, paternity, illness, grievances, rewards, incentives, dismissals, etc.


Recently, the government has updated the legislation stating that it’s mandatory for any healthcare practitioners registering with HCPC to bear professional indemnity insurance as the registration conditions. Moreover, you can consider the insurance for medical malpractice, business interruption, product liability, public liability, practice rooms, motor insurance, equipment, etc.



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Starting a Chiropody Practice Business in the United Kingdom

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