Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Car Valeting Business in the United Kingdom

Starting a Car Valeting Business in the United Kingdom Car owners are advised to valet their vehicles twice a year or once every six months to make sure they remain presentable and in good condition. By doing so, vehicles can prevent dirt and material stains from causing long-term damage to the interior of the automobile. With several millions of UK motorists, starting a car valeting business is actually a good idea to maximize the market opportunity.

In the UK, demand for car valeting and hand car washing services has been increasing through recent years. Many entrepreneurs consider starting a car valeting business because it is a low-cost start-up venture. Let 3E Accounting serve guide you to United Kingdom company registration and direct you to other excellent choices as well. Read this article for further information.


What is a Car Valeting Business?

Starting a car valeting business and turning it into success is no mean feat. This requires a lot of effort—including studying the ins and outs of the industry. You have to consider all the factors when crafting your business plan.

In valet cleaning, you can hire cleaning specialists that have expertise in every part of a vehicle, including the interior. The cleaning job is done on both the interior and exterior of the car body. The specialists use special tools and cleaning products to restore a car, making it look brand new.

Such services are offered in many establishments because starting a car valet business is a relatively easier task to do compared to other ventures. They may include the following:

  • independent and franchise-based valeting business, such as small mobile outfits
  • garages providing general vehicle repairs
  • car body repair shops or centers
  • auto-centers, which are stores with attached service bays
  • franchised motor dealers and used car dealers
  • petrol stations

Indeed, before you even start looking for United Kingdom company incorporation services, you should check out first your competition. You have to know what the people in your vicinity want before starting a car valeting business. You can consult with your potential customers, such as car dealers and garages, so you can address the demand in the market.


What Services to Offer?

Finalizing a menu of services is one of the primary tasks when starting a car valeting business. Conducting your market study, you will know that car valeting shops provide their customers with the basic services most, if not all. A full valet usually offers services for both the interior and exterior of the car body, including:

  • windows
  • boot
  • wheels and tires
  • carpets and seats
  • paintwork
  • vacuuming of interior

Some customers also prefer choosing only one between cleaning the interior or the exterior of the vehicle. One popular option is a drive-through exterior hand washing service, as it is usually cheaper but gets the job done efficiently. The following are the additional services you may consider offering:

  • steam cleaning the engines, wheel arches, underbody, and others
  • paint restoration
  • alloy wheel refurbishment
  • upholstery and interior trim reworks
  • vehicle deodorizing
  • valeting lorries and coaches
  • agricultural valeting
  • paintwork correction and detailing

If you have the steam cleaning tools, you might as well consider expanding your service to cater to steam cleaning of driveways, garage floors, patios, and more. This way, you can maximize your resources and turn in more profits for the business.


Alternative Way of Starting a Car Valeting Business

Building a business from the ground up is truly a major commitment. However, please note that it is not the only way when starting a car valeting company. You can also buy an existing business, and an excellent corporate service provider in the United Kingdom can help you with this one.

The good thing about buying an existing business is that you will not be starting from scratch anymore. Purchasing a business that is going concerned means the following are already established:

  • products
  • customers
  • regular sales
  • premises
  • equipment
  • staff

While buying an existing business seems an ideal scenario, you still have to think this over many times. Is this the cost-efficient way of starting a car valeting business? Will you be receiving more financial benefits in the long run when you buy an existing business compared to starting your own?

These are some considerations you have to put in mind. To help you decide, here are some of the factors that should weigh in on your decision:

  • number of regular and repeat customers
  • The reputation of the car valeting shop
  • financial obligations
  • amount of assets, both liquid and fixed
  • income projections

Indeed, buying an existing business is a risky matter as it involves a substantial amount of cash. You need to be able to take over the business smoothly so the current customers will not be spooked by the change in terms of management.


Business Registration for Your Business

To make your car valeting business legitimate, you have to register it with the UK Companies House. You can register it as a limited company, which refers to a business structure where the entity is separate from the owners. When registering a limited company, take note of the following:

  • unique business name
  • trademark your name
  • company located in the UK
  • assigning at least one director

Registering your business is a necessary step as this will allow you to operate legally. You would not want to be burdened with potential lawsuits if you are operating without the proper permits.


Securing Necessary Licenses

There are no licensing requirements currently that are specific to starting a car valeting business. Still, there are activities that require you to apply for licenses.

For example, if you play music on your premises, a music license from the PPL PRS Ltd. is a requirement. You will have to pay an annual fee for this.

You will also need to seek permission from your water and sewerage provider to discharge dirty water and shampoo run-off from operations into the sewer in accordance with the anti-pollution regulation.
For your staff, make sure to comply with the related legislation. These cover the following:

  • recruitment
  • employment contracts
  • pay
  • working hours
  • holidays
  • employment policies
  • sickness, maternity, and paternity leave
  • anti-discrimination policy
  • discipline
  • dismissals
  • redundancies
  • grievances

As an employer, you have to look out for the needs and welfare of your workers to keep them satisfied.

Starting a Car Valeting Business in the United Kingdom


Professional Help for Your Business

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