Set Up a Hawker Stall Business in the UK

How to Set Up a Hawker Stall Business in the UK Cook up a storm of success with 3E Accounting’s how to set up a hawker stall business in the UK.

Hawker stalls are the niche stars of the food industry. They offer an ingenious variety of food that is often steeped in history, culture, and just plain good cooking. Hawker stalls are ubiquitous in Asia but are mushrooming in the United Kingdom as well. Usually known as street food (or truck), pop-ups or market stalls, they have lots to offer culinary enthusiasts. Here are some facts and figures on how to set up a hawker stall business in the UK.


Purveyors of Street Food

The UK’s food and beverage industry valued at GBP121 billion, making it the largest manufacturing sector. The concept of street food, which used to be known as chip vans, didn’t quite exist a decade ago. Now they are the epitome of hipster culture, offering exquisite Middle Eastern fare to exciting vegan options.

The hawker stall business is not for the faint-hearted or those shy of hard work. It is, however, a very dynamic small business venture that is sustainable and capable of being highly profitable. Many tend to specialise and prove to be exceptional at what they do.

Your business plan research should start with that – your food niche and outlet to serve it from. Check out the competition and viable locations as well as cash flow and forecast financials. This will help you work out how much start-up capital you may need. The Streetfood Organisation is a great resource site with plenty of information and useful guidance.

In choosing your business structure, choices include sole trader, partnership, limited company, and limited liability partnership (LLP). Pros and cons vary for each, and company formation firms such as 3E Accounting can offer valuable assistance. This extends to picking a name for your business. While this is important, it can get tricky as there are quite a few rules to it.

You will need to register for taxes with HMRC and value-added tax (VAT), depending on your annual turnover. Opening a bank account and adding a secure e-payment gateway is also necessary. Logo and website design, as well as web-hosting and getting a domain name, should also be considered. If your business is successful, consider getting a trademark licence for your business. Investing in public liability and personal indemnity insurance is also highly advisable.

The food industry is highly regulated by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) as it impacts public health. You must register your food business with your local area council, who will send officers around for inspection. You will also need to register with the Environmental Health Office before starting. Some of the approvals you need include:

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How to Set Up a Hawker Stall Business in the UK